Heavy Metal Television is the first internet television network, running four plus years.  The company now offers internet television networks to any entity that wants one.


 The Heavy Metal Television networks are not websites!  There is no navigation, buttons, log ins, banners, gleaning of your personal information, etc.


 24-7 streaming that levels the playing field for all television broadcasting. Computers are adding T.V., TV's are adding internet.


 There are already far more internet set connections to people than antenna, cable or dish combined.


 Heavy Metal Television can create new internet networks for a tiny % of what an "old model" television network costs to build and operate.


 With the new model created by Heavy Metal Television any entity can take traditional ad dollars and build and promote their own network and sell ads on it, creating another cash flow stream, instead of wasting it on today's murky advertising world.  All the while promoting their wares on their own television network running right next to ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, etc.  All to a world wide audience not one region or country like old model television networks.


  Heavy Metal Television is already building additional networks  PunkRockTelevision, HippieTelevision and DinosaurTelevision, for launches through 2018


 The entire television industry is heading in the direction we have already been traveling for more than two years


Heavy Metal Television is the ONLY company in the world, offering to build Internet Television Networks!